Hire the hall

Mahogany Creek Hall is situated on the corner of Jacoby Street and Strettle road. It is next to the tennis courts and tennis clubhouse.

The hall is suitable to host community events and is available for hire for groups such as yoga, dance, self-defence, etc. as well as parties (for example birthdays).


  • Maximum of 100 people
  • Large hall
  • Small kitchen
  • Internal toilets
  • Off-road parking
  • Wide door access and no stairs
  • Although the hall is wheelchair accessible, there are currently no toilet facilities with wheelchair access and the paths to the hall are not sealed

Read the booking conditions that apply to all bookings. For more information, please call 0419 944560.

There are two types of booking. The first is a casual booking form for one-off events. The second is for regular on-going bookings.

Note: All bookings are subject to noise pollution regulations. In particular, section 8 from pages 8 to 10 of the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997, which discusses types of premises and (Table 1 on page 10) the levels (decibels - dB) permitted during specified hours for each type of premises.

MCPA facilities are considered to be commercial (page 74, Part B, point 5). At all times of the day, external noise caused by equipment including for the playing of music, must not exceed 65dB for an extended period of the hire.

Booking Fees

Mahogany Hall Hire Fees and Charges

Community Rate $8.80/hr

Commercial Rate $19.90/hr

Function Rate $270.00 for a six hour block

Associated Bonds

Key Bond $50.00

Hire Bond $100.00

Alcohol Bond $330.00 for over 25's

$500.00 for under 25's

*all fees include GST

Regular bookings